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Handel’s Belshazzar, 2016

A wonderful performance with the GAOS Choral Group of Handel’s Belshazzar.

Montpereux 2015

Montperreux, Je ne t’aime pas

I finally got the film of Je ne t’aime pas ….


Aung San Suu Kyi

Aung San Suu Kyi’s introductory speech for our concert on the eve of her 70th Birthday.  Amazing to hear what her thoughts were about music and composers during all the time she was under house arrest.

Montperreux 2015

I'm being impatient. I know I should wait for the proper footage of this concert with all the magical cameras and sound but there was a hidden camera and I had such a surreal experience singing this .... I didn't realise that the audience wanted me to come back to take another bow .... so I thank Michel, my amazing accompanist, for taking that bow for me and also for all the support he gave me during such an emotional week in Montperreux. Emotional because of the excitement of spending time with Dame Felicity Lott (mega singing idol for me) AND with Isabelle Moretti (Mega Harp idol for me) topped off with Jakez François who is the owner of Camac harps (yet another mega idol -  he has not only touched, but played my mini travel harp after refusing to believe that I had a mini harp weighing less than 2.5 kilos). How can one find inner calm to sing in such extraordinary surroundings with all three of my life’s biggest idols? I'll bore you all again when I re-post the proper film footage....

Flashback to Elgar

Flash back to Elgar Sea Pictures in 2012


First Post

I have a bunch of videos to post in this first blog posting and once I get the hang of this, will start adding more photos, videos, what’s going on, my weird and wonderful perspective on life …

Nessun Dorma
November 2013

Rule Britannia
April 2012

Schubert Standchen

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