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I had just finished my music degree when I heard the most amazing violin playing. The fiddler, Owen O’Sullivan, from Cork, was incomprehensibe at first (we don’t get many Cork accents in Switzerland) so I asked him to show me how to play.

Within a year I had met many other musicians in my region who were passionate about Celtic music so we created MusiCelta. MusiCelta would organize Traditional music sessions which became so popular we would have musicians travelling from far and wide to come and join in.

In recent years I haven’t had the time to play as often as before, maybe three or four times a year but have to confess that playing fiddle while drinking Guinness in an Irish pub is way less stressful that being on stage in front of thousands! I have, however, taken my violin out to Tunisia for the Atlas Music summer camp to perform with the students and teach them traditional fiddle playing. A really old clip is below the photos.

(p.s. I now understand the Cork accent!)

opera slide showHarpConductorHarp Slide show

Kirsty Griffiths 2012