Mezzo-Soprano Piano Flute Fiddle Cello Conductor

My interest in harp came about through Celtic music. I saw a small celtic harp on on eBay and bought it for very little money, intending to teach myself. Around this time I was passionate about cars and was saving up to buy a new one. Well, that didn’t happen. I came home with a full sized pedal harp instead and went on to study with Aurore Dumas, performing Britten’s Ceremony of Carols after just one year of study. The following year I performed in Sondheim’s Follies (if ever I meet him, I’m going to ask him to do over 200 glissandos and then ask how his fingers feel …..).

Since then I have taken to composing for the harp (a composition is in the videos below the photos), performing with orchestras in Switzerland and Romania under the direction of Maestro Flavius Filip, a harp and voice duo, two harp and flute duos as well as with contemporary and rock/pop groups (clip below). I also perform regularly in a hospital for people during the final stages in their lives.

In 2015, I became the first person to take a “Western Harp” to Myanmar (formerly Burma). Thanks to Harpsicle, a small celtic harp weight 2.5 kilos was made for me to take with me. In Myanmar I performed at an orphanage and also with a local Burmese Harpist and Burmese Traditional Music group on Myanmar TV.

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Kirsty Griffiths Celtic harp 4Kirsty Griffiths fete de la musique 4Kirsty Griffiths Celtic harp 5Kirsty Griffiths Medievals d'Andilly 4Kirsty Griffiths Fete de la Musique 1Kirsty Griffiths Fauland Photography 1Kirsty Griffiths Harp Romania 2Kirsty Griffiths Fauland Photography 2Kirsty Griffiths Fete de la musique 2Kirsty Griffiths Fauland Photographs 4Kirsty Griffiths Fete de la musique 3harpist-lebanon_medKirsty Griffiths Celtic harp 3Kirsty Griffiths Fete de la musique 5Kirsty Griffiths Harp Batiment des Forces MotricesKirsty Griffiths Harp Romania 1Kirsty Griffiths Medievals d'Andilly 1Kirsty Griffiths Medievals d'Andilly 2Kirsty Griffiths pedal harp

Playing with the goup Syane

My composition being performed by Cathrine Hammond

Kirsty Griffiths 2012