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Piano was my first instrument.  I first touched a piano at age 11 and immediately started a love affair, leading to me practising an easy four hours a day by my late teens.  I started off as self-taught but later was able to study with Hungarian pianist György Kukorelli and Richard McMahon.

I passed my grade 8, was associated with the KGB due to my obsession with Russian composrs (especially Scriabin) and went on to perform Brahms second piano concerto as part of the concerto auditions at Cardiff University (I didn’t win).

After I grauduated from University, my non-musical family had other ideas for me so bit by bit piano disappeared out of my life.  I still play from time to time and accompany choirs really badly (my sight-reading is atrocious).

Back when I played mobile phones and internet didn’t exist so for the time being I have no photos, only an old recording playing Rachmaninoff after I had already stopped playing for ten years …. Fortunately, I started again.

Recently, I have taught piano as part of the Atlas Music Academy in Tunisia, provided coaching in Myanmar and also take on private students as well as participating as a judge on the panel for the Tunisia Chopin Competition.

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