Nessun dorma at the Victoria Hall. Yes, a weird one for a female voice to sing but that's what the conductor wanted and .... Kirsty spent a lot of time transposing the whole thing for a bunch of transposing instruments!


Covid lockdowns changed our lives forever. It was a particularly hard time for musicians. This is Kirsty and her friend Sarah Decloux singing impromptu karaoke in honour of all those who kept working during what was, then, a scary time.

Panis Angelicus in Lutheran Church, 2023, with UN choir and Ukranian Refugee Women's choir.

Nessun Dorma - again, almost ten years later and still fit into the same dress as the video above - at Victoria Hall with a broadcast on Radio Television Switzerland (RTS). Why am I singing a tenor aria? Because in today's world, I can wake up and identify as a tenor, especially since they get paid more than Mezzos for their high notes. :-)